Scheckter and Ferrari fly back down memory lane!

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Jody Scheckter wound the clock back forty years on Friday when the 1979 world champion took to the track at Monza onboard his Ferrari 312 T4.

The Temple of Speed was the scene four decades ago of Scheckter's third win of the 1979 season and a triumph achieved in front of teammate Gilles Villeneuve that delivered the title to the South African driver.

Scheckter is the proud owner of the 312 T4, along with other race winning cars linked to his distinguished F1 career.

While the 69-year-old has often driven the classic and glorious sounding prancing horse at other venues and around his Laverstoke Farm 'Carfest' track, it was his first return with the car to Monza.

And for this special occasion, he was surrounded by his original crew of Scuderia mechanics!


"The whole thing is special for me. I'm a farmer now, so having all of this fuss is a real, real privilege for me, it really is. I could do this every 40 years!" he enthused.

"It's completely different now. Our time was less rules for one, which was much better. But then it was much more dangerous.

"But it's different, the whole world is moving on. I would rather have been in my day if you want to give me a choice."

Scheckter will be out on the track on Saturday and on Sunday, for everyone's pleasure and his own.

"I'll try to improve my lap times every day!" he said.

We've added a short video - courtesy of Maurice Hamilton on Twitter - just to remind everyone of what a proper F1 car should sound like. Pump up the volume!

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