When Fangio rained on Ferrari's home parade


The Tifosi converged to Monza for the Italian Grand Prix on this day in 1953 expecting a Scuderia extravaganza from a quartet comprised of Alberto Ascari, Giuseppe Farina, Luigi Villoresi and Mike Hawthorn.

And it was indeed all looking good for Ferrari as Ascari and Farina headed into the final lap. But as the pair entered the Parabolica side by side, cheered on by the ebullient and manic crowd, Ascari spun and Farina went on to the grass to avoid his team mate.

Ascari was then hit by Onofre Marimon who had nowhere to go.

A bewildered Juan Manuel Fangio steered his Maserati clear of the carnage and roared on to the checkered flag to claim his seventh Grand Prix win.