Stoffel and Fernando head to the beach!

McLaren drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso take part in a photo shoot for new sponsors Gandys.

© / @svandoorne

One of the things we'll never get tired of is the silly things that Formula 1 drivers are asked to do in the name of sponsorship!

For example, here are Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso getting ready for a photo shoot for McLaren's new sponsors Gandys this week. Even without the green screen background, there's enough colour in their beach attire to give anyone a migraine!

Stoffel is certainly putting his heart into delivering the required beach bum image with comendable gusto.

However, despite his longstanding experience with deckchairs, Fernando looks slightly more baffled about the whole thing. He might need counselling to get over the trauma of this particular publicity stunt!

The signing of the Gandys lifestyle brand is a wonderfully cheeky touch for McLaren. The design of the new halo cockpit protection device has been compared to the distinctive upper part of that article of footwear.

The Gandys logo will now appear front and centre on the halo at the Australian Grand Prix, right above the driver. The company is also producing a special limited edition 'Halo edition' flip flop. A hundred per cent of profits from sales will go directly to the Orphans For Orphans foundation set up by Gandys co-founders Rob and Paul Forkan.


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