John Miles: Remembering a man with a diverse set of skills

Former works Lotus driver John Miles passed away yesterday at 75-years-old, and while he never left his mark on F1, this quiet man's life was anything but uninteresting.

Miles achievements in various categories of British motorsport and his engineering talent enticed Colin Chapman to award him a drive with Lotus in 1969, and later on the arduous task of developing the team's ground-breaking 72.

Miles got caught up in the British outfit's end of season drama in 1970 however, when the death of Jochen Rindt at Monza took its toll on Lotus. Left with no real opportunity to move forward in F1, his motivation also considerably undermined, Miles turned away from racing to move on to other pastures in life.

A man of many interests, John Miles put his engineering acumen to good use with various automotive companies, but also founded a record label devoted to the British jazz scene.