Faster than F1 around Spa - Porsche LMP1 car stuns!

Before sending its championship winning 919 LMP1 car into a well-deserved retreat, Porsche has organised a record-breaking tribute tour for its hybrid charger which started at Spa on Monday.

A specially designed 919 Hybrid Evo ran a fantastic 1m41.7s lap around Spa Francorchamps, with works driver Neel Jani behind the wheel, breaking Lewis Hamilton's pole-setting 1m42.553s lap record from last year.

Porsche has taken a bit of liberty from the original WEC regulations to concoct a high-downforce, more powerful 919. The car's turbocharged small V4 engine has seen its level of horse power boosted from 500 to 720bhp, while its electric output was also increased from 400bhp to 440bhp!

Finally, the car underwent a serious aero upgrade that has increased downforce levels by 53 percent, or more than an F1 car, and shed about 40kg.

On the track, Jani reached a top speed of 348km/h and clocked in 12 seconds faster than the 919's pole-setting lap from last year!

The stunning LMp1 car's 'Tribute Tour' will continue next month with an attempt at another barn burner lap at the legendary Nurburgring's Nordschleife.