Colin Chapman, F1's greatest pioneer

Lotus boss Colin Chapman, in Mexico in 1965.

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Entrepreneur, car designer, engineer, pioneer and Lotus team founder Colin Chapman suffered a fatal heart attack on December 16, 1982 at his home in Norwich. He died aged just 54.

It's a tragically early age for someone who achieved so much in the sport of motor racing. In terms of his enduring legacy in Formula 1 perhaps only Enzo Ferrari himself would rank above the charismatic Englishman, who was almost as famous around the world as the drivers he put in his cars.

Quite simply, Chapman reinvented what people thought of as the modern racing car, bringing to the design innovative use of aerodynamics, wings and ground effect. Focussing on light weight and fine handling instead of brute force, he also introduced the principle of the monocoque to replace what had traditionally been used as the chassis.

Chapman originally founded Lotus as a sports car company in 1952, and stepped up to F1 in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix. Hill was driving alongside Cliff Allison who went on to earn the team's first points at Spa later in the season. Innes Ireland would claim their first victory at Watkins Glen in 1961.

Lotus boss Colin Chapman, with Mario Andretti in Germany, 1978

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Lotus eventually amassed seven Formula 1 constructors titles between 1963 and 1978, and six driver titles with Jim Clark, Graham Hill, Jochen Rindt, Emmerson Fittipaldi and Mario Andretti. During the 1970s it raced with arguably the most famous livery in the sport - the black-and-gold John Player Special.

However Chapman's premature death was the end of an era in F1. Without his drive and determination, Lotus foundered and faded away. Its final appearance on the grid coming was at the 1994 Australian Grand Prix.

There have been attempts to restore the Lotus name and brand to the sport in recent years. However they have inevitably been pale imitations of the real thing with no one able to come close to replacing Colin Chapman.

The Lotus JPS livery, racing at Monaco in 1978.

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