Prost reigns in Belgium as Formula 1 returns to Spa

Spa-Francorchamps had undergone significant modifications when it reopened for Formula 1 in May 1983 after a thirteen-year absence from the calendar.

And the new, shorter 6.9km circuit, while much less dangerous than its terrifying historic predecessor, was still very much a challenge of bravery for drivers.

The start of the Belgian Grand Prix held on this day 41 years ago was marred by a bit of controversy as a false start prompted the drivers to complete only one lap before returning to the grid to refuel, which was against the regulations.

Once the confusion was resolved, Alfa's Andrea de Cesaris took the initial lead, with Renault's Alain Prost and Ferrari's Patrick Tambay close behind.

De Cesaris lost ground during the pit stops in the middle of the race, and his chances were eventually completely dashed by an engine failure.

Prost seized the opportunity to assume the lead and ultimately crossed the finish line with a comfortable margin of over 20 seconds ahead of Tambay and Renault teammate Eddie Cheever.