The 'Carlando tactic', or teamwork among rivals

Ferrari's Carlos Sainz pulled off a masterful tactical win in Singapore with the help of his former McLaren teammate Lando Norris.

With extraordinary pressure mounting in the closing laps of the race, a brainy Sainz purposefully opted to drop back to ensure that Norris could pick up DRS and fend off the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton.

The equally sharp Norris took the bait and vigorously defended his turf, aware that attacking Sainz would likely leave both drivers empty handed at the end.

In Parc Fermé, when all was said and done, McLaren boss congratulated Sainz as if the Spaniard was still one of team papaya's own: "Well done Dude!"

The 'Carlando' tactic, or teamwork among rivals, was born in Singapore.