Sainz and Thomas shine in Vegas Netflix Cup


In a chaotic display of sporting prowess mixed with a touch of slapstick comedy, pro golfer Justin Thomas and Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz emerged victorious in Tuesday’s inaugural Netflix Cup at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas.

The dynamic duo’s triumph came in the closest-to-pin contest on the final hole, where they faced off against the formidable team of Tony Finau and Pierre Gasly.

The showdown unfolded after the initial four-team field was halved following eight holes of match play, proving that even in the world of elite sports, the drama can be as unpredictable as a Las Vegas slot machine.

Labeling the competition as "silly" might be an understatement, but the throngs of spectators lining the course didn't seem to mind.

In fact, they appeared to revel in the entertaining chaos, proving once again that sometimes the best moments in sports are the ones that come with a side of laughter.

And that’s how it ended when Sainz, flanked by Thomas during the post-match ceremony, decided to add a dramatic flair by dropping and breaking the trophy. Lando Norris was proud of his former McLaren sidekick.