Vettel roars through time powered by Senna’s spirit

After his group track run on Friday that paid tribute to Imola’s fallen heroes in 1994, Ayrton Senna and Roland Ratzenberger, Sebastian Vettel indulged in another personal homage to the late Brazilian.

After Saturday’s qualifying, Vettel donned his helmet and overalls once again to thrill the fans with a session of hot laps onboard Senna’s race winning McLaren MP4/8, of which the German is the proud owner.

Taking to the track onboard Senna’s machine signified a profound gesture of respect by Vettel for one of his biggest idols, and a chance to connect with the heritage of a true racing legend.

But the fans were the true beneficiaries of Vettel's demo laps at Imola, especially given the roar of the Cosworth-powered car – a sound almost lost to modern Formula 1 – which reverberated through the historic circuit, evoking memories of Formula 1's golden era.

For those who witnessed Senna's dominance firsthand, the thrilling moment was a powerful reminder of the sport's rich history and the enduring legacy of the Brazilian maestro.

Vettel will take to the track again this afternoon as a lead-in to the Emilia Romagna GP.