Mary McGee steals the show on Brundle’s grid walk

From A-listers to wannabe celebs, from top motorsport figures to bona fide sports legends, Martin Brundle has quizzed them all during his inescapable F1 grid walks.

But in Montreal, the Sky F1 commentator went out of his way to talk to one very special visitor on the grid, which led to one of the finest moments of his pre-race ritual.

At 87, Mary McGee is an American racing pioneer whose career spanned five decades. While she entered the fast last on four wheels with a Mercedes 300 SL in 1957, Mrs. McGee became the first woman to compete in motorcycle road racing and motocross events in the United States, and the first and only woman to compete in the Baja 500 solo.

Her chat with Brundle visibly impressed the former F1 driver.

"I first started racing cars in 1957 and then I switched to motorcycles in 1960 and I quit in 2012!" she told Marty.

Asked in Montreal was her first time on the grid, the venerable racer put Brundle to shame with a mischievous grin, revealing that she had rubbed shoulders with Jimmy Clark at the US Grand Prix at Riverside in 1960!

"I love Formula 1 racing,” she replied. “I was at Riverside many years ago for the first Formula 1 race, met Jimmy Clark for god sake!"

While reminiscing about the past, Mary McGee was particularly vocal in her support for one Lewis Hamilton who she got a chance to meet and hug.

In a world where legends are often relegated to the past, Mary McGee’s presence on the grid was a poignant reminder of the trailblazers who paved the way.

As Brundle moved on, the inspiration she left lingered, a testament to her indomitable spirit and enduring passion for racing.