Austrian Grand Prix quotes of the weekend

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Monaco Grand Prix - Wednesday - Monte Carlo, Monaco

KR: ”I have a contract, they have to sign it, it’s as simple as that. Is whoever wrote it in here?”

"It’s you? Have you seen my contract?”

Journalist: ”No”.

KR: ”So you just come up with bullshit.

“Yes or no? You don’t know the contract but you write stuff ... You write stuff that is not true … Maybe you should start writing some stuff that makes sense.”

Don’t speculate when it comes to Kimi Raikkonen


Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Austrian Grand Prix - Practice Day - Spielberg, Austria

“I think it was dangerous first of all for him, but then I braked and afterwards it was funny!”

Felipe Massa quickly switches emotions after nearly running over Ferrari team principal Maurizio Arrivabene

“[Renault] take from us time and money, desire and motivation.”

Dietrich Mateschitz has a few issues with Renault’s recent struggles

LH: “I’m very fortunate that I’ve had a great car for the last two years to have been able to get the poles and raise the amount I’ve had. I’d much rather have his World Championships than the  pole positions, so I’m working towards that.”

SV: “I like to have both!”

Sebastian Vettel isn’t concerned Lewis Hamilton has matched his number of pole positions, because he still has two more world titles

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Austrian Grand Prix - Race Day - Spielberg, Austria

“A bit similar to what happened last year in Turn Two here so… yeah, I’m definitely do that quite often in this car. Not sure why. Got big feet I think.”

Hamilton’s explanation for his spin at the end of qualifying appears to be his shoe size…

Engineer: ”We've been bumped".

Raikkonen: "What?"

Engineer: "We're P17."

Raikkonen: "How the f**k is that possible?”

Raikkonen was a little bit surprised to find he dropped out in Q1

“No. Not really. If that’s what you want to write, you write what you want to do, which you always do. Why don’t you think outside the box a bit rather than reading other peoples’ remarks and copying them.”

Bernie Ecclestone makes fun of a journalist after being asked if F1 is “a bit crap” at the moment

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Austrian Grand Prix - Qualifying Day - Spielberg, Austria