How much does each power unit component weigh?

You’ll find below the simplified list of parts that are involved in the hybrid engine design along with their weight in tokens according to Appendix 4 of the 2015 Formula One technical regulations.

1Engine water pumps1 token
2Oil scavenge system1 token
3MGU-H – Complete system2 tokens
3MGU-H – position2 tokens
4Turbocharger – Compressor2 tokens
5Turbocharger – Turbine2 tokens
6Inlet system – plenum1 token
7Inlet system – Trumpets and associated parts1 token
8Inlet system – Throttles and associated parts1 token
9Injection system2 tokens
10Ignition system1 token
11Cylinder head2 tokens
12Energy Store  (ES) – Battery cells2 tokens
12Battery Management System (BMS)2 tokens
12ERS – Cooling/lubrication1 token
12aERS – Wiring loom1 token
13MGU-H – Power electronics1 token
14MGU-K – Power electronics1 token
15Oil tank1 token
16Oil pressure pumps1 token
16All parts in which circulates oil under pressure1 token

PU components have been broken down into two tables for better readability on both illustrations.

17Crankcase – cylinder bore spacing, deck height, bank stagger*2 tokens
17Crankcase – all other dimensions3 tokens
18MGU-K2 tokens
18MGU-K – position, transmission2 tokens
19Crankshaft – Crank throw, main bearing journal diameter, etc*2 tokens
19Crankshaft2 tokens
20Con rods2 tokens
21All parts defining combustion – Piston crown, chamber, etc.3 tokens
21Pistons2 tokens
22Valves2 tokens
22Valve drive2 tokens
23Pneumatic valve return system1 token
24Valve drive/camshaft – from camshaft lobe to gear train1 token
25Valve drive – Gear train2 tokens
26Exhaust system1 token
26Wastegate1 token
27Electrical system1 token
28Covers – cam-timing covers, cam covers, etc.1 token
29Ancillaries drive3 tokens
30Friction coatings1 token
31Sliding or rotating seals1 token
Total :66 tokens

*PU components that have been totally frozen by the FIA ahead of 2015