F1 Driver Salaries 2019: How much do F1 Drivers make?

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The 2019 F1 Season is here and we've got the latest 2019 F1 Driver Salaries to share, as you would expect Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel top the list but the rest of the driver salaries are pretty revealing! Take what you read with a pinch of salt as F1 driver salaries and contracts are closely guarded secrets and getting your hands on 100% accurate numbers is a tall order!

Alex Albon F1 Driver Salary 2019 Toro Rosso


20. Alex Albon - Toro Rosso: 150,000 euros

This is pretty much your typical entry level rookie salary, but Alex Albon would likely admit that he's just happy to be on the grid. Mind you, the British-Thai racer impressed in pre-season testing, so he may well end being worth every euro of his minimum wage.