Team Talk - Friday in Interlagos

Red Bull

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Brazilian Grand Prix - Practice Day - Sao Paulo, Brazil

Daniel Ricciardo: “Top 5 on this track is very good for us. I’m not sure if we can expect to stay there tomorrow, but that’s definitely the target. Normally when we have a Friday like this, the weekend goes a little bit better. They changed a few of the kerbs in turn 2 and turn 8. We used to be able to put four wheels over the kerb and now they are a bit too high so that basically means the corners are a bit tighter. It changes the approach a little bit for some corners but the asphalt was fine. We should be able to do a little bit of overtaking, but I think we have to rely a bit more on strategy. It’s at least a two stop race so that opens a few more windows and opportunities. We’ll see how that goes. I don’t know what the weather’s going to do. Dany has the old engine and I have the new one. It doesn’t look like much but it’s obviously just the first day running on track and I’m sure the guys will have a look tonight to see whether there is something they can tune and for sure trying to get more power out of it. The positive was that the engine was reliable and we ran all day so we got good laps and good information.”

Daniil Kvyat: “The track was rather dirty in the morning, but conditions seemed more normal in FP2. There’s still some work to do as we can be quicker, especially in sector 2. This is not an easy track for us. My engine compared to Daniel’s? I don’t know, we will have to look at the data. All in all the day was OK. We did plenty of laps and have enough data to analyse and tomorrow I hope to improve so that we can go on to get some good points over the weekend."

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