Quotes of the 2015 F1 season

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Spanish Grand Prix - Race Day - Barcelona, Spain


“How would I respond to the chief executive’s comment that he had a crappy product to sell? He shouldn’t be selling the product if he thought it was crap. But considering that he sells the product – that he calls crap and makes billions out of it – he needs to work with the participants to un-crap it!”

Vijay Mallya comes up with a new word to describe the direction F1 needs to take (Ecclestone was actually referring to the power units rather than the sport itself)

“I gave him a nipple tweak a minute ago, I got a bit of a smile in return, so there are still some positive feelings after qualifying!”

Jenson Button explains how he keeps morale high between himself and team-mate Fernando Alonso…