Quotes of the 2015 F1 season

Motor Racing - Formula One World Championship - Hungarian Grand Prix - Race Day - Budapest, Hungary


Question to the drivers regarding the 21 race calendar next year, so it looks like it’s ever increasing. How difficult is it to adapt to your already busy schedules and do you think there is actually some kind of limit of number of races per year which is feasible for you as Formula One drivers? 

Grosjean: “I think the limit would be the divorce!”

Father-of-two Romain Grosjean believes the ever-expanding calendar will reach an obvious breaking point for him

DK: “Well, yeah, it’s been a story for a while I guess. It’s only five letters but so challenging to say.”

SV: “How do you actually say it?”

DK: “I already forgot how to say it right to be honest myself!”

Vettel doesn’t get much help from Kvyat when trying to learn how to pronounce the Russian’s surname