Slamming on the brakes: F1’s biggest braking points

While Formula One immediately conjures images of speed and thrills, braking is an equally impressive aspect of the sport. Using data from 2014, F1 brake supplier Brembo has compiled the biggest braking points and classified these in five different categories, depending on factors that range from g-force to deceleration. With the season-opening Australian Grand prix less than two months away, it is worth noticing that Melbourne features some of the most challenging corners under braking.

Brembo_F1 2014_7 frenate_0313

 Category #1: g-force

The g-force that a driver experiences under braking depends on the grip conditions and aerodynamic drag. Should all other braking conditions be identical, a higher grip and drag will result in a bigger g-force. This is why you will find the highest g-force corners on medium-to-high aero drag circuits.

The drivers are sure to be tested right off the bat, with the Australian Grand Prix venue having the two highest g-force braking points in the calendar. Indeed, they have to cope with a -5.8g pressure while decelerating for the opening Brabham corner, before experiencing another -5.6g only a few seconds later at Turn 3.