The multiple facets of the Ferrari steering wheel

©XPB Images, WRI2


At first glance, the steering wheels of Vettel and Raikkonen are almost identical. However, one can spot a few differences here and there, starting with the colours used on the multifunction rotary dials. The layout around the ‘N and ‘P’ controls is not the same either. For instance, you’ll notice that the +10 and -1 controls as well as the RADIO button are placed differently.

Similarly, the ‘OK’ button features on the left-hand side on Vettel’s steering wheel when it is on the right-hand side on Raikkonen’s. As for the ‘K2’ switch, Sebastian has it on the top right corner, while Kimi prefers it at a lower level but still on the right-hand side.

This sort of customising is not exclusive to Ferrari, as one can notice on Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg’s steering wheels shown on the bottom pictures.