Technical: Under the skin of the Ferrari SF16-H




The radiator setup is more innovative. At the end of the sidepods, a water cooler is placed above the duct that channels cooling air, while a second, smaller intercooler (actually an oil cooler) sits below the pipe, at the end of it. This angled installation, also used on the Haas VF-16, serves to further declutter the back of the car.

As shown on the middle image, the Ferrari sidepods house many components. Besides a series of electronics systems placed in their carbon casings in the lower sidepods, one can see the FOM microphone used for TV broadcast, as well as the McLaren Applied Technologies-supplied LRX-310B microwave receiver selected by the FIA to measure lap times.

The louvres and winglets that appeared on last year’s SF15-T have been kept on Ferrari’s latest charger (see final image). Inside the carbon duct that channels cooling air, a series of fins have been installed to guide the airflow upwards and towards the radiator.