Mercedes to favour logic over data

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In the aftermath of the team's strategy fail last weekend in Monaco and following an extensive review of the blunder, Mercedes has decided that it will now rely more on logic and human input rather than raw data.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Toto Wolff believes more practical judgment should be applied in the future.

"We have looked at all the data and gone through all the options again and come to the following conclusion: if the same or a similar situation as Monaco were to arise in the future, we would not decide because of the data or the computer, but because of logic and common sense."

Interestingly, the official race edit by FOM of last weekend's Monaco race features a sound snippet by Lewis Hamilton asking if the team was sure it was the best thing for him to stay out, which obviously renders the Mercedes driver at least in part accountable for his own ruin.

"These tyres have lost all their temperature and everyone else is going to be on options now," Hamilton says as the Safety Car process kicks in. To which his engineer answers "Ok, copy, copy. Box, box."

While Toto Wolff acknowledged Hamilton's input, he also stressed that ultimately it was the team who got the calculations wrong.

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