Alonso annoyed to 'look like an amateur driver'

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Fernando Alonso says the lack of competitiveness from McLaren makes him "look like an amateur driver" at the moment.

McLaren struggled throughout the Canadian Grand Prix weekend, with Jenson Button failing to take part in qualifying and both cars retiring from the race. At one stage Alonso was told to save fuel or face "big problems" later in the race, to which he replied: "Already I have big problems now! Driving with this, looking like amateur. So I race and then I concentrate on the fuel."

Asked about his comments after the race, Alonso explained the inability to fight with other cars is what annoys him the most.

"When you are fighting and you get to a group of cars or some people catch you and they are 35km/h quicker on the straight, it’s like a different category," Alonso said. "When everyone passes you so easy like that you look like an amateur driver and obviously that is not good.

"We know that we are not super competitive right now and we need to improve reliability. Many things to do in our case, but hopefully all these weekends teach us some lessons on what to improve. It was not easy here in Canada but I’m sure we will come back stronger."

Despite his annoyance, Alonso says he still has full faith in McLaren and Honda to be successful in the future.

"A little bit sad to have my third consecutive retirement, so definitely we need to put some things in place. There’s nothing we can do now and we know the situation is what it is and what we have to do now is work harder than ever because we want to change the situation.

"What I see for future races makes sense, I see positive signs that everything that is coming makes sense. I think we need to persistent and we need to work harder."

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