Honda weighing up next token use

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Honda is undecided if it will use tokens to make performance-related changes to its power unit ahead of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

With power unit manufacturers allowed to use tokens to develop during the season, Honda used two of the nine available to it ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix but has struggled with reliability problems since then. With Honda motorsport boss Yasuhisa Arai telling F1i he is confident the focus can now move on to performance, he doesn’t feel the Hungaroring is a circuit which requires any upgrades to be fast-tracked.

“Hungary is not so important for big power, so of course we are developing that next step but maybe we won’t apply any kind of technology related to the performance side,” Arai told F1i. “Maybe the most important thing in Hungary is the good control to deploy the energy for each corner or each straight. The energy management is more important.”

However, Arai’s comments were made before Honda was handed an extra power unit for the 2015 season having entered as a new supplier this year, which could change its development plans.

Fernando Alonso has so far used five internal combustion engines (ICE), turbochargers and MGU-H components, while Jenson Button has also used five ICEs, as well as five MGU-Ks, six turbochargers and six MGU-Hs.

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