More mechanical grip required - Sainz

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Toro Rosso junior Carlos Sainz Jr considers his team needs to improve the mechanical grip of its 2015 contender in order to move up the pecking order in the second half of the season.

Sainz believes the aerodynamic qualities of the STR10 chassis are on a par with those of its better performing rivals, an assessment which team principal Franz Tost also expressed recently.

However, the 20-year-old Spaniard considers that the car's full potential will only be unlocked if a substantial improvement can be made in the mechanical grip department.

"Chassis-wise, there are two things - aero and mechanical grip," Sainz told Autopsort. "I believe aero-wise we are in a very good shape. We are on the corners from fifth gear, sixth, seventh, eighth, and for sure we are one of the best on the grid in terms of downforce."

"But then on mechanical grip, I believe we are not so good, that we still have a margin for improvement."

Sainz's maiden F1 season has been highly impressive to date, but a recent dry spell, which includes three retirements in an equal amount of races due to reliability issues, has disappointed the young bull who believes his current points tally doesn't properly reflect where STR should be.

"From now on we are here to recover from that and to show what our potential is. I feel we should be much further ahead with the job we have been doing so far."

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