McLaren's handling issues: a case of 'fake news'?

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McLaren's Eric Boullier says that claims from outsiders that the team's MCl32 looks a bit on the ragged edge through corners is just a case of 'fake news'.

Former F1 designer and Autosport technical ย consultant Gary Anderson closely observed Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso hard at work behind the wheel of the McLaren.

"This is not just a very good chassis being let down by the engine," Anderson said, prompting Boullier's reaction when confronted with the observation.

"Well, strangely, the car reacts well to any changes that we have asked, the drivers on that point are quite happy," said McLaren's racing director.

"I read some comments [about handling difficulties in Turns 1/2/3] and they are a bit Trump's 'fake news' - because it is not only chassis.

"Remember these engines are hybrid engines, which means when you are very early back on throttle you have electrical power which is on/off.

"And then you have a turbo as well at the back - so depending on your driveability there could also be some issues.

"We had some driveability issues, which means when you are back on the power you lose the back of the car so the car looks nervous. But there is nothing wrong."

In other words it is the Honda engine which is making the McLaren chassis look bad.

Perhaps more a case of "alternate facts' rather than "fake news"?

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