McLaren drivers fighting to keep frustrations under wraps


McLaren-Honda drivers are doing their very best to keep their frustration and disappointment under control, says Stoffel Vandoorne.

In the midst of another dismal period in which Honda's lack of performance and reliability has undermined the development of McLaren's 2017 car, patience is running thin for Vandoorne and team mate Fernando Alonso.

While the Spaniard has publicly vented his ire and annoyance, Vandoorne is keeping his frustrations under control

"The last thing we are allowed to do is be frustrated and do nothing," Vandoorne said.

"We are McLaren, one of the best teams that has already solved tough situations in the past. Fernando and I talk a lot and we agree that we cannot be frustrated, we have to work together to go forward and improve."

The 24-year-old, who is on the verge of his first full season of F1, insists his relationship with his team mate hasn't changed since the gremlins crept in during testing.

"I don't think our relationship has changed," he added.

"We are not really in an ideal situation, but we are working hard for the team, our driving style is similar and we both have the same comments about the car, which is good for developing in the right direction.

"I would have liked a start with more laps, but in F1 you can't choose, it is as it is."

Regardless of McLaren-Honda's troubles, Vandooren is suited and booted, and ready for Australia.

"100 per cent," said Vandoorne. "I prepared for Bahrain 2016 with much less preparation.

"I am confident with the car, I can attack as I want to. Hopefully we can have some new parts in Melbourne and improve.

"I'm still very happy that I can drive an F1 car. It's only my first full season. Ok, we currently have some problems, but it hasn't affected my confidence in any way."

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