Red Bull driver contracts watertight - Mateschitz


Red Bull team owner Dietrich Mateschitz has reiterated the fact that neither Daniel Ricciardo or Max Verstappen will be leaving the Milton Keynes outfit at the end of the year.

Both drivers are under contract for 2018, and despite rumors which see Ricciardo possibly heading to Maranello in the near future, Matechitz said that it won't happen.

"Where would they go?" the Austrian billionaire told Salzburger Nachtrichten.

"There will not be places free at either Mercedes or Ferrari."

Speaking about Red Bull Racing's current performance level, which lags that of Ferrari and Mercedes, the energy drink company co-founder pleaded for more time and patience.

"We have to catch up and especially the improvements from our partner Renault are delayed," he said.

"So we have to be patient until we get closer to Mercedes and Ferrari," he said.

Finally, the 72-year-old commented on the new era in F1 overseen by Liberty Media, as a series of fan-friendly initiatives made their bow in Barcelona at the weekend.

"It is clear that the new owners are very keen to innovate," he said, "and above all to do something more for the audience.

"We also have to give them time, but they do the right things so far," said Mateschitz.

Asked what his wishes are for the future direction of the regulations, he answered: "We would want an independent engine manufacturer so there is no longer this dependence on manufacturers.

"But this is a long-term wish for the regulations after 2020," added Mateschitz.

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