Sauber's Kaltenborn views F1 as too technical

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Sauber boss Monisha Kaltenborn believes technology has become far too prominent and complex in Formula 1, and too difficult for the average fan to understand.

The advent of the hybrid engine in F1 in 2014 ushered in an impressive era of technical sophistication which has yielded outstanding results in terms of performance, but also a perception that technology is now guiding the sport.

"We have in some ways far too technical that even people within the sport do not understand it fully," said Kaltenborn.

"Do we really need that? No. We are not here in a technical world. Technical excellence is part of F1 but it needs to be balanced out with other interests as well."

As F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn devises tomorrow's rules, and mainly those which will define F1's engine platform beyond 2020, Kaltenborn suggests a less secretive approach to technology for the benefit of the fans.

The Sauber boss pointed towards NASCAR where selected cars are submitted to post-race scrutineering in a process which is streamed online and open for all to see, thus helping to demystify somewhat the prevailing technology.

The idea has been put Ross Brawn,'s consideration.

"This kind of openness is good because you're giving insight into the sport, you're giving a connection to the people," added Kaltenborn.

"Otherwise it's like you can watch from afar, you see either on TV or through a fence.This is what we should change.

"You look at how successful other sports are by opening up. You have to open up a little."


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