Raikkonen blames Bottas for first lap collision

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Kimi Raikkonen clearly laid the blame on Valtteri Bottas for the pair's opening lap in Sunday's Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

The Ferrari caught up with his countryman who was slow out of the first corner and attempted a pass on the outside of Turn 2. But Bottas held the inside line, running over the kerb which sent him into Raikkonen.

The Ferrari hit the wall and dropped down the order, but was ultimately sidelined after debris on the track inflicted damage to his car.

"He [Bottas] braked very early, again โ€“ and I think he knows it was way too early braking โ€“ and I went just outside and it was fine, and suddenly I got hit from the other side," explained Raikkonen.

"So I think he noticed he braked too early and just let the brakes go, and came way too fast into me. It was completely his fault, but obviously I paid the price.

It wasn't the first on-track encounter for the Finnish pair which has clashed on several occasions previously.

"You know, it's a bit of a shame it's again me and Kimi, but we've been fighting for similar positions and it's just unlucky that it's us again," Bottas responded.

"For me I was on the inside, I thought I had the corner, there should have been space for two cars to go around.

"So yeah, just went over the kerb, bottomed out, the car jumped and hit him and I got a puncture."

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