Verstappen older in the sport than in his years - Ricciardo


There's no denying Max Verstappen's outstanding talent, but also his extraordinary maturity as team mate Daniel Ricciardo underlines.

The Red Bull Racing duo is perhaps the strongest line-up on the grid, with Verstappen adding huge value to the outfit since his arrival at the Spanish Grand Prix in 2016. 

"He is still pretty young in age but he is older in the sport than in his years, if that makes sense." Ricciardo said of Verstappen as he spoke to ESPN.

"He's super passionate about [Formula One], intelligent around the team and knows a lot about the technical side and racing.

"I think we have some similarities in the way we go about things. We are both pretty fierce and also very driven.

"We still have respect for each other and therefore we have kept a pretty good rivalry which isn't always easy when you're fighting for what we're fighting for."

Unfortunately, frustrations have been growing in the Verstappen camp. With four retirements in the last six races, through no fault of his own, the young charger's patience is being tested.

Ricciardo sympathises with Max's difficulties, having endured a depressed cycle of unreliability himself in 2015. But the Honey Badger also knwos that it can all turn around on a whim.

"It is hard not to get frustrated but you have just got to keep your chin up.

"He's driving well, it is not as if he is driving terribly and things are happening as well.

"That is what he has to keep positive about and these things turn around. If you keep persisting and keep driving well it will eventually fall into place.

"This sport is crazy, all it takes is one good weekend and you are back on Cloud Nine."

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