Unhappy Webber weighs in on Ferrari double disaster


Former F1 driver and Channel 4 commentator Mark Webber gave his two cents on Sunday's chaotic start to the Singapore Grand Prix.

Sebastian Vettel's ill-inspired move on the run down to Turn 1 produced mayhem and three high-profile retirements: team mate Kimi Raikkonen, Red Bull's Max Verstappen and himself.

Webber sided with the Singapore Stewards however, labeling the event an unfortunate racing incident.

"There's absolutely no way that Sebastian knew Kimi made such a fantastic start, so he's now focusing on Max," Webber said during Channel 4's analysis of the race.

"Kimi's made the best start out of all of them and then there's an absolutely shocking timing of events where they've just run into each other.

"Max Verstappen, totally innocent, absolutely innocent. Seb did try to protect heavily to the left. Kimi got the biggest penalty ever for a great start. It just destroyed the race."

An unhappy Webber did call into question however the race Stewards' decision to hear the drivers after the race, given the incident's clear unfolding.

"It's a joke. It's done. Seb's leaving here in pieces. Ferrari's got no points. Max's has got no points. All of them have been wiped out," insisted Webber.

"I just get frustrated because we've had a car race, we've left the track, these boys are in the barriers, they're massively frustrated -- they're burning inside, these boys.

"Then they've got to sit and listen to some guy say 'well, you know, I've got a slo-mo, we've gotta do this, we've gotta do this', it's not real."

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