Verstappen gets a performance advantage and its news to Ricciardo!

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Max Verstappen will run with an updated Renault power unit today in Austin and Daniel Ricciardo apparently knew nothing about it!

Renault is gradually adding 2018 parts to its units but with only three updated engines available, the works outfit and its two customer teams have received one updated unit each.

Red Bull has elected to give the improved unit, worth about two tenths of a second, to Max Verstappen, an advantage he will likely keep until the end of the 2017 campaign. But when queried on the subject, Daniel Ricciardo said it was all news to him.

"We had different engine specs? I had no idea. Seriously… I didn’t know. Whose was faster?" asked the Aussie, who rejoiced when he was told that Verstappen, who qualified behind Ricciardo, was faster through the speed trap.

He admitted he wasn't bothered by the matter, and even conceded that Red Bull may have told him about the engine allocation, a detail which perhaps flew over his head.

"Oh, so that is why Max signed his contract! I literally had no idea," he joked.

"Maybe they told me and I chose not to listen… but if that is the case, I’ll just charge my way through."

Verstappen has incurred a grid penalty in Austin following the engine change, and Ricciardo will likely suffer a grid drop of his own in Mexico, although there's still a slight chance he could reach the end of the season with his current power unit.

"I believe I will have to take another penalty and I believe I will have a grid penalty in the next three races," he said.

"I would like to say 'no I won’t', but it is probably more likely than not at this stage."

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