'Cool and fun' Formula E will overtake F1 in 10 years - Branson


Virgin Group founder and billionaire Richard Branson says Formula E is on its way to become motorsport's premiere racing series in the next decade, supplanting F1 in the process.

While Branson's endeavour into Formula 1 back in 2010 and 2011 with minnow outfit Marussia was predictably unsuccessful, the DS Virgin Racing outfit is a front-runner in Formula E.

The 67-year-old famous business tycoon is a huge believer in the all-electric series as it's philosophy ties in perfectly with the crucial advent of renewable energies.

"Formula E has done a lot to raise awareness of things like climate change," Branson told China's The Post.

"We’re in a position to inspire people from both race fans to governments to play their part in tackling things like climate change.

"The team really wants to use it to accelerate initiatives that help the world achieve the goals of Paris Climate Accord.

" It’s just a fantastic platform to shine a light of advancing technologies in electronic vehicles. And also to show the world electric cars aren’t slow and boring, but they’re cool and fun. And sustainable."

The burgeoning series is still in its early years and continues to battle for exposure in cities where its presence has been called into question because of the high costs associated with Formula E's logistics.

Montreal recently pulled the plug on its double-header season finale scheduled for next summer, with the city's mayor unimpressed by the financial burden left behind by Formula E in 2017.

Branson admits a rocky road lies ahead, but ultimately Formula E will prevail if governments provide the series with the support it deserves.

"It’s been incredibly exciting. It’s growing very rapidly, every season they’re bringing in new initiatives," he says.

"I’m willing to forecast that 10 years from now, if Formula One continue in their current way, I think Formula E will overtake it.

"And so it should, because the world should be powered by clean cars. We’ve all got to wean ourselves off dirty cars, and Formula E can lead the way in that.

"It’s really important for governments to back it," he adds.

"You’re gonna have wins, you’re gonna have losses. But the more cities that realise the importance of Formula E, the better."

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