F1 fans brace for all-new TV experience in 2018


F1 fans will be treated to an all-new broadcasting experience in 2018, with the sport introducing significant changes to enhance the viewer-experience.

Formula 1 commercial boss Sean Bratches recently met with teams to discuss Liberty Media's new ideas for 2018, with an emphasis on media and television where big changes are expected.

Speaking to James Allen on the F1 reporter's guest blog, McLaren's Zak Brown says he was impressed with what he saw from Bratches.

"Before Christmas Sean Bratches presented the new F1 commercial strategy to us, the teams," said Brown.

"There is a huge emphasis on digital, as we know, but last year was about testing things out.

"For this year there are products in place, like a new F1 App, OTT platforms (Over The Top/streaming) and they have brought in David Hill, one of the great TV sports innovators, to oversee the graphics package and the way the race is televised.

"You’ll see significant changes there on the broadcast, on the graphics and the storytelling."

But Liberty will also continue to build the on-site entertainment initiated last year with the F1 fan community.

"Then on-event we’ll see more fan engagement, building on last year and there will be new media properties to help fans get closer to the teams," Brown added.

"I think the big impacts of 2018 will be on the media side, showing F1 in a way that it’s never been shown before.

"It will give us a younger and bigger audience and they will be more engaged."

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