Alonso declares himself open to NASCAR test!


Fernando Alonso says he has no idea if he would like racing in NASCAR, but admits there's only way to find out...

It's race week for the McLaren driver who will be competing next weekend in the Rolex 24 at Daytona with Zak Brown's United Autosports team.

While on a promotional tour for the IMSA event yesterday, Alonso traveled up to North Carolina to appear at NASCAR's annual preseason presentation at the Charlotte Convention Center where he was thrilled to meet a famous man he knew from a video game: seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson!

"The first time I heard his name it was probably 2003 on the NASCAR video game," Alonso.

"I used to choose him, not knowing him, just because of the car. I remember playing with another friend of mine, he likes a chocolate company I will not name now, and he was choosing that car and I was choosing Jimmie’s car.

"But that was the first time I heard of him, and obviously the success that he has in the years in motor racing, he became a legend of our sport, and massive respect."

While in Charlotte, Alonso was inevitably asked if he would ever consider racing in the hugely popular stock car series.

"Right now, it looks quite far," he admitted.

"The driving technique and the experience all those guys have, it’s difficult for me to achieve that level," Alonso said.

"I will never know until I try, so I would like one day to test a car and after that, driving the car, I will know how enjoyable it will be in racing.

"Outside (watching), the races are great because they are all in a group, it is not predictable at all and until the last lap, you don’t know what is going to happen.

"We love watching from the outside, but I don’t know from the inside..."

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