Enzo Ferrari's lessons still prevail today - Marchionne


As Italy celebrates on this day the birth of Enzo Ferrari, Sergio Marchionne says the great automotive legend's legacy is one marked by absolute modernity.

Ferrari is celebrating the 120th anniversary of the birth of its iconic founder with a photographic exhibition in Modena, in the very home where the Commendatore was born on February 18, 1898.

The exhibit depicts the life story of Enzo Ferrari, from his childhood to his racing days, his time as the founder of the Scuderia as well as his outstanding success as a constructor.

"Enzo Ferrari's lessons still prevail today," said Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne.

"To think that Enzo Ferrari was born in the 1800s seems incredible, his lessons are current and absolutely modern.

"He was a man with the outstanding vision and ability to manage people and resources, someone with a strong sense of entrepreneurship and courage."

As he praises Enzo Ferrari's qualities, Marchionne wonders just how much success he would have achieved in technology's modern-day era.

"You wonder what goals Ferrari would have achieved if he had enjoyed access to today's technology and knowledge," added the Fiat Chrysler boss.

"Ferrari's legacy is a source of pride for all of us, as well as for Italy as a whole."

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