Hamilton in favour of F1 weekend format changes

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Lewis Hamilton believes that Formula 1 should improve its current race weekend format in order to instill a dose of uncertainty.

In Russia, a diesel spillage followed by persistent rain limited track time on Friday, a state of affairs which frustrated drivers, teams and spectators alike.

"I'm sure it was boring for whoever tuned in," said the reigning World Champion, speaking to Sky Sports. "And for you guys and for us, the mechanics, engineers, it was dull."

"It was one day less of Formula 1 driving for me in my life, so trust me I'm not happy about it. I count every day as a real blessing, and when you don't get to utilise it, it sucks."

While circumstances joined forces with the elements in Sochi to unpredictably ruin the day's running, Hamilton still believes the FIA should make good on its intent expressed last summer to implement 'several exciting and innovative changes to the qualifying and race weekend format' which have been under discussion.

"It's been the same Thursday, Friday, Saturday pretty much and Sunday for the whole nine years that I've been here."

"Qualifying might have changed a little bit, but generally the format's been exactly the same. So yes, as an F1 fan, I think 1000 per cent it should be changed."

Hamilton advocated a scheme by which a fair amount of uncertainty could be added to the mix while also admitting such a venture would probably never happen.

"I think it would be kind of neat if one weekend's going to be 'super weekend' and then the next weekend's going to be something different, it's going to be alternated grid positions, I don't know."

"But it would be neat if, each weekend, you knew you were not going to do the same thing. I think that would be pretty cool. But I don't think it's ever going to happen."

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