Hamilton better than ever - Lowe

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Mercedes' Paddy Lowe believes Lewis Hamilton is at the top of his game as the British driver is on the verge of securing his third world title.

On an equal par with Sebastian Vettel with regard to race wins - 42 - Hamilton has blitzed the opposition this year, including his own team mate Nico Rosberg, accumulating nine victories this season with four races to go.

Hamilton won his first championship with McLaren in 2008 and then moved to Mercedes in 2013, conquering another title in 2014. On both occasions, his comrade-in-arms and technical wizard was Paddy Lowe, a man undoubtedly well placed to cats judgment on Ham's achievements and development as a driver.

"Lewis is a fantastic driver. I've had the privilege to work with him through all his race wins actually, right from the beginning," the Mercedes technical chief told Sky News.

"He was always a special driver and I think we're seeing him now actually at the peak of his game. He's better than he's ever been and that's a very difficult driver to beat."

The 30-year-old reigning world champion will wrap up his third title on Sunday if he outscores Vettel by nine points and Rosberg by two. The latter's contribution to Mercedes Constructors title, with three wins this season, is also significant Lowe said, and a testimony to the German drivers' outstanding talent.

"They're both at the top of their game and that's tremendous for us. They are great assets to the team, great team players and have great respect for each other. We have made progress over the last two years in terms of how the drivers work together and maintaining at the same time that sporting element between them."

"We want to put on a great spectacle because that's why we're here and I think we're managing to do that without friction between the drivers."

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