FIA could add more DRS zones at tracks this year - Whiting

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FIA race director Charlie Whiting says the governing body is mulling the idea of boosting the number of DRS zones at F1 tracks this year.

A third 'drag reduction system' zone was added at Melbourne's Albert Park between Turns 12 and 13, but last Sunday's race still highlighted the scarce number of overtakes which occurred at a venue notorious for its very limited passing opportunities.

Whiting revealed however that the experiment could be repeated at other tracks this year.

"We are looking at optimising what can be done with the DRS zones," Whiting said.

"This is not an ideal circuit for that [overtaking], with the two DRS zones that we have that are not particularly effective.

"We thought as there is an opportunity to do something on that straight between Turns 12 and 13 and if a driver can get a little closer he may get another detection at Turn 14 and use it down the start straight.

"It was to offer a little something else here but we will try to do something more effective at other tracks where there is more opportunity to try to do that."

Addressing the specifics of the Albert Park circuit, Whiting suggested the track's configuration could be tweaked in the future to help promote overtaking.

"We have discussed some changes to the track layout here with the AGPC (Australian Grand Prix Corporation)," he said.

"There is a project that could be realised, but I’m not sure where they are with that. It was an idea that I gave them a couple of years ago.

"It would be relatively easy, but you must not forget that this is a park with public road, so it’s not quite as easy as a race track."

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