FIA and teams to urgently meet to discuss overtaking conundrum

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The FIA will meet with Formula 1 teams in Bahrain on Saturday to discuss drastic measures to improve overtaking in 2019.

The season opening Australian Grand Prix offered a rather depressed spectacle to the sport's fans, with battles and overtaking opportunities among competitors few and far between.

The governing body and F1 are contemplating changes to next year's rules in order to address the much decried problem, but any change must in theory be confirmed by the FIA by April 30th, hence the urgency of Saturday's meeting.

Potential modifications include a bigger rear wing flap to enhance the impact of the DRS, and a simplified front wing design to increase the airflow around and over cars with the purpose of diminishing the wake of turbulence behind a car that greatly impacts overtaking.

F1 sporting manager Ross Brawn has been hard at work with his team of experts investigating ways to promote closer racing and better overtaking when the sport conducts a major regulation overhaul for 2021.

Some of the group's ideas could find their way into next year's rulebook however.

"I'm really excited by what I'm seeing," said Brawn in an interview with SiriusXM.

"The front wing is for sure one area that is sensitive in both respects, in terms the disturbance it creates, and then the sensitivity to the disturbance of the car in front.

"It's not the only area. There's all the furniture and bargeboards you see behind the front wheels that are equally as sensitive. And there are areas of the rear floor and rear aerodynamics which are sensitive.

"We know the percentage drop in performance that comes as a car approaches another car, and already we've found ways of improving that in reducing the disturbed flow from the car in front, and reducing the sensitivity of the following car to that disturbed flow.

"So we're trying to do it in a properly structured way, and that will be the solution we'll apply for 2021. Anything we can learn in the mean time, which we feel is safe and fair and correct to apply, will be done."

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