F1 Commission votes through aero changes to help overtaking in 2019

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Despite staunch opposition from several teams, the F1 Commission has passed several rule changes for 2019 to help overtaking and promote closer racing.

Members of the commission cast an electronic vote on Monday - the last possible day to do so before unanimity from all teams would be required - on an amendment to the 2019 technical rules which included a wider, simpler front wing with straighter endplates and no outwash, a wider, deeper rear wing to enhance the impact of the DRS and modifications to cars' bargeboards.

All provisions were passed with the exception of the bargeboard package.

F1 Commission rules require only four of the current ten teams to vote in favour of a regulation change if the FIA, F1, sponsor and promoter representatives agree to the amendment.

According to Motorsport.com, Ferrari, Red Bull, Renault, McLaren, Toro Rosso and Haas were against the changes, while Mercedes, Williams, Force India and Sauber apparently voted yes.

The issue of overtaking came once again to the forefront after this year's Australian Grand Prix, a race which saw a minimum number of cars swapping positions, and prompted F1 and the FIA to envisage possible changes to enhance overtaking.

Teams failed to agree on potential changes for 2019 at a meeting held over the Bahrain GP weekend but committed to undertake additional CFD research in order to proceed with a vote before May 1.

Yesterday's vote was based on a comprehensive report detailing the results of the research and the impact of the potential aerodynamic changes on overtaking.

Williams tech chief Paddy Lowe was among those in favour of tweaking the rules for 2019.

"I think it all makes sense," Lowe told Motorsport.com last weekend.

"We’ve got another three years of this formula, and if we don’t make changes at this point, it becomes a bit pointless, because there are a huge set of changes for 2021.

"So this is the time that F1 should act and act decisively for the good for the show."

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