Which Formula 1 team is slowest to pay its bills?

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A study by business information company Dun & Bradstreet reveals that when it comes to an F1 team's payment performance, there's no correlation with its on-track performance.

The well-known American analytics company established an interesting ranking of teams based on their timely - or untimely - settling of invoices.

Slow on the track this year, Williams is also a laggard when it comes to its outstanding accounts, settling invoices on average 20 days past their due date.

An outfit with a small budget is no indication however of its payment performance as the following slowest teams to settle their bills are Mercedes and Renault, ensuring payment just one day quicker than Williams.

A big gap to McLaren (8 days) follows, with Red Bull-owned Toro Rosso and Red Bull Racing paying bills only 1 day late. Force India and Sauber, both low-budget outfits like Williams, were the only teams to pay their bills on time.

No data was available for Ferrari and Haas.

Compared to a year ago, the big mover was Force India, whose payment performance improved by 16 per cent. Williams, however, moved in the opposite direction, with a 14pc bill-paying blowout.

The Grove-based outfit may have a few excuses to offer however for its slow payment reaction time as title sponsor Martini will be departing at the end of the year.

"We haven't done a good enough job and we need to really dig deep if we're going to make progress this year," she said.

"It's going to be a really tough year which is great for the fans, just not so great for us at Williams."

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