Causes of Williams' issues are clear, solutions are not - Lowe

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Williams technical director Paddy Lowe says the team has a clear understanding of the reasons behind its dismal performance this season, but fixing the issues will require time.

The Grove-based outfit launched its season in Melbourne with the hope of holding its own among the top mid-field contenders.

The squad's FW41 was been a disappointment at the outset however, and progress has been hard to come by given the fundamental nature of the car's weakness.

Canada highlighted once again Williams' persistent struggles, with Lance Stroll and Sergey Sirotkin qualifying respectively P16 and P17. However, Lowe insists his engineering team is doubling down on its efforts to pull the British team out of its crisis.

"The problems that we had in Canada are the same we have had since the beginning of the season," said Lowe;

"We'll deal with them as soon as we can. They are related to aerodynamics, and the solution takes time," he added.

"We understand the causes but it's still not easy to eliminate the problems."

Lowe admits that Williams' depressed state of affairs is difficult to endure for everyone at Grove, from the mechanics to the drivers.

"It's a difficult time for everyone, especially the racing team at the track, because the same amount of work is done regardless of whether the car is fast or slow," he explained.

"It's important to work with a good morale, and that's hard when there are obvious problems with the car," he said.


Williams was criticized earlier this year for choosing the youngest and most inexperienced driver line-up in its history. But Lowe says that both men have displayed "the right attitude" in the face of adversity.

"They're not lacking motivation or energy," he said.

"In difficult situations, some drivers start to lose their temper and it can emotionally affect everyone.

"I've worked with an excellent driver in particular, who won many races and more than one title, who at the end of a race would say whatever he thinks.

"So different drivers behave differently in this or that situation. But this does not happen here -- I don't have to worry about it."

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