Mistral chicane at Paul Ricard likely to get cut out for 2019

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Formula 1 will consider removing Paul Ricard's Mistral chicane for next year's French Grand Prix following its failure to secure unanimous support from drivers.

The chicane was added to the track's iconic Mistral straight in order to produce an extra overtaking opportunity, but many felt its presence only spoiled the long run down to the fast right-hand Signes corner.

"Everyone would talk about the straight and the corner at the end, just like everyone talks about other sections in the world," said Renault's Carlos Sainz.

"It would give it a touch of character that maybe it doesn't have at the moment."

FIA race director Charlie Whiting, who took note of drivers' observations in last Friday's briefing, reminded everyone that using the chicane at Paul Ricard was a decision made jointly by the circuit and the Federation.

"In my opinion everything worked well," he said.

"There are some who think we shouldn't have it, but the teams and drivers knew about it long before the Grand Prix. So I was surprised when on Friday it was suddenly an issue."

Whiting promised, however, to put the Mistral chicane on the governing body's agenda for 2019.

"We can do a simulation to check it but I would also like to hear the opinions of the drivers again, because we saw a lot of good overtaking during the race and we might not have seen it without that chicane," he said.

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