Frustrated Ricciardo decides to just 'roll with the punches'

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Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo feels he has no other choice but to live with the pain after enduring his third engine-induced retirement of the season in Sunday's German Grand Prix.

The Aussie had prepared himself for a tough drive through the field after launching his race from the back of the grid as a result of his demotion following several engine component changes.

After a prudent start, Ricciardo put his head down and progressively carved his way through the ranks, picking off his opponents one by one to settle himself in sixth-place, right behind future winner Lewis Hamilton.

On lap 29 however the gremlins crept into his Renault unit, with an ominous sound followed by an outright engine failure.

"I felt it braking for Turn 6," he explained.

"When I was downshifting, I heard something was sick. And then once I accelerated I expected something when I got on power, and it was underpowered. And I could hear some noises, so it didn't sound healthy.

"I came on the radio straight away. I expected them to tell me to pull it over, and they did. I have not seen the team yet. I guess it is the engine or something."

When all was said and done, Ricciardo took to Twitter to philosophically vent his frustrations: "Roll with the punches. Even if they're coming from Tyson.." he wrote.

Still, it was a bitter setback for the Honey Badger as the failure came at a time when Ricciardo felt the race was slowly but surely coming his way.

"The first 10 to 15 laps were really hard on the Medium tyre and they were a handful," he explained.

"I was really struggling in the traffic. Even off the start just had no grip. Once I got into clean air we were able to so some low 18s, which seemed competitive at the time.

"It was looking alright. But we struggled that first part and then once we got a good run I think the race would probably have come to us.

"I donโ€™t know the specifics but it was some sort of engine failure which is obviously pretty frustrating after taking the penalties today.

"Anyway, would have, could have, thatโ€™s racing and I feel like I have been in this position too often this season. It hurts, it always does."

As disappointed as he was by his demise, the 29-year-old spared a thought for the abundant fans that filled the Hockenheim grandstands on Sunday.

"I may not remember this race but I will remember the crowd, they all showed up today which was really nice to see and I guess they know it may be the last time we come here for a while.

"Itโ€™s been a good show for them, but not for me. Hopefully I can go and win in a weekโ€™s time before we all head off for the summer break."

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