Renault, McLaren and Williams dig in against Force India!

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The word solidarity is hard to find in Formula 1's sporting code as Renault, McLaren and Williams are proving once again with an alleged stance against Force India.

Administrations proceedings have begun for the Silverstone-based outfit and should lead to a change of ownership of the beleaguered team.

However, a new owner in F1 - and the registration of a brand new name - entails starting from scratch with regard to prize money, as current rules stipulate that the team, considered as a new entry, would not be entitled to Force India's 2018 revenue stream, estimated to be worth $150 million, nor eligible for F1 prize money in the first couple of years.

Last weekend in Hungary, F1 CEO Chase Carey, pleading a case of 'force majeure', asked that teams agree that Force India's new owners retain the right to the outfit's prize money and TV income.

According to Auto Motor und Sport's Michael Schmidt, three teams rejected Carey's proposition: Renault, Williams and McLaren. An ill-will showed by the trio that could put in jeopardy the sale of Force India.

With Formula 1 still in the trenches devising its rules for 2021 - and a potential revamp of its prize distribution scheme, it's reasonable to assume that the trio is driving a hard bargain and seeking a form of compensation on the regulation front in exchange for its approbation of the Force India deal.

There are no free lunches in Formula 1 as we know. But Renault, Williams and McLaren - three well-endowed teams whose level of performance has been comfortably surpassed by Force India in the past two seasons - may be looking to feast at the expense of the pink outfit and its 406 employees.

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