Todt shuts down 'nonsense' talk of electric future for F1


FIA president Jean Todt dismissed talk of Formula 1's potential electric future as "nonsense", insisting such an evolution will not happen.

Formula 1 sporting manager Ross Brawn recently said that it is conceivable that Grand Prix racing could become an all-electric series in the next ten years if commercial and societal changes justified the sport's drastic evolution.

The advent of the hybrid engine in F1 in 2014 introduced an electric component into the sport, but a full rejection of the Internal Combustion Engine has never been seriously considered by the sport.

However, the growing success of Formula E, and the involvement of major manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes or Porsche has inevitably caught Formula 1's attention.

Brawn's comments were greeted by a rebuff from Formula E boss Alejandro Agag who reminded F1's sporting manager that the all-electric series has a long-term agreement with the FIA that would bar F1 from switching to electric engines.

Todt confirmed Formula E's dominant position as an all-electric series.

"It’s true we have an exclusive agreement on single-seater for a certain amount of years with the promoter in Formula E," said the Frenchman.

"It would be nonsense to say in the coming future Formula 1 is going to be electric, it’s not going to happen. Simply you could not do it."


The chief of motorsport's governing bod also pushed back on any silly attempts to compare the performance between the two categories of racing.

"Formula E has not the performance of Formula 1," Todt acknowledged.

"At the moment one of the reasons Formula E is in cities, because it would not create any interest to have Formula E on a circuit like Monza for example.

"We are talking about two different categories. It is completely misleading to compare Formula E and Formula 1.

"Formula 1 is a very well-established category, and I keep saying for me Formula E is the baby of the FIA.

"So still a lot to learn, but saying that, it’s growing very well. But comparing the two categories is just boring."

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