Stewart tells rookies to 'watch, listen and learn' from top drivers

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Sir Jackie Stewart believes Formula 1's rookies have a lot to gain by watching and communicating with the sport's top drivers.

George Russell, Lando Norris and British-born Alexander Albon all step up to the big time this year, respectively with Williams, McLaren and Toro Rosso.

Stewart believes a young driver may find himself in awe of a more experienced team mate and of the achievements of the sport's stars. The Scot however insists that the focus should be on what a rookie can take away from the driver sitting on the other side of the garage.

"When I went in, I was going in at the time of Jim Clark and Jack Brabham and Graham Hill, Bruce McLaren. They were all top-line drivers," said Stewart.

"I think you learn from the top drivers, you watch them, you listen to them, you try and get communication with them.

"You want to get comfortable with everybody. Human relationships are very important."

The three-time world champion also advised young pupils not to be overwhelmed by a master's credentials, citing Lewis Hamilton as a case of a great champion achieving great success, part of which he owes to luck.

And that shouldn't be overlooked by young hopefuls.

"Lewis currently is not only driving well, he has also got the best team in the world with the best engine in the world right now," added Stewart. "But he’s driving it well too.

"You’ve got so many other dimensions to it when you’re a Formula 1 driver, and the dependency of the car.

"When I left the Matra, I went to a March [for 1970]. Now that was a challenge! So, if Lewis were to go from Mercedes and go to an uncompetitive team, that would be a challenge.

"Lewis has done extremely well, but he’s been a very lucky boy, to have [former McLaren boss] Ron Dennis pick him up the way he did, to bring him up the way he did.

"And in those days, the McLaren was the best car in the world in Formula 1, including Ferrari."

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