Horner: Pushing back 2021 rules deadline makes financial sense


Red Bull's Christian Horner believes that extending the 2021 regulations deadline from end of June to December would not only relieve pressure on the teams, it would also make financial sense.

The FIA, Formula 1 and the teams theoretically have until June 30 to finalize the massive regulation overhaul that will be ushered in at the start of 2021.

While progress on the future regulation format was made earlier this week in London at a crucial meeting of all three parties, the June deadline is still seen by many as too tight to determine and freeze the technical regulations.

Sufficient time must be allowed for teams to prepare for the overhaul, thus the formal 18-month advance notice period imposed by the FIA's rules.

However, given the pressure constraints on the teams and the near-impossible task of meeting the deadline, Horner believes an extension must be granted and could actually be beneficial to the teams.

"There is an energy driving things forward at the moment and it is about time. Hopefully during the next few weeks we can get results," Horner told Sky F1, commenting on this week's London meetings.

"It will be this year but there are so many factors to tidy up like income, costs, technical regulations.

"I actually think the technical regulations being released too soon is going to cost more money anyway so perhaps at the end of the year would be a better time to release the technical regulations.

"Otherwise some teams would basically stockpile, bring resources in and specialist teams on these new regulations so I think it coming out later would be better."

Asked whether a December deadline would still allow everyone enough time to design and engineer their 2021 contenders, Horner saw no issues with the compressed preparation period.

"As long as it is by December, I think that would be fine, then it is not too late for the little teams and not too late for the big teams," concluded the Red Bull team boss.

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