Gallery: Bulls go on a rampage in Zandvoort's dunes


Just a few days after F1 confirmed its return to Zandvoort in 2020, Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly are present at the Dutch track this weekend for a serving of high-speed fun.

The Bulls kicked off the action at the annual Jumbo Racedaggen on Saturday at the wheel of a pair of screaming RB7s, treating the many fans to an abundant dose of tyre shredding, donuts and hot laps.

"It’s the fourth edition of the Jumbo Racedagen and it has been crazy here today," said max

"We’ve been growing together over the years and it’s amazing to see so many Dutch fans coming to this event.

"It’s very special that you are so close to your fans here. At a race weekend we’re very restricted in what we can do, so this is definitely a great event for the fans."

Check out the gallery of Saturday's action-packed day of entertainment:


It was Gasly's first visit to the event and the Frenchman was equally impressed with the vibrant fan atmosphere and packed grandstands.

"I didn’t really know what to expect before I came here this weekend but I’m really impressed with the number of people here to support us and it’s really cool to drive an F1 car on this track.

"I came to Zandvoort in 2012 with Formula Renault 2.0, but it is like a completely different track when you take an F1 car round here.

"It’s super narrow with really high speed corners and you need big balls to go fast around this track. It’s going to be challenging to race here but really exciting."

And what does Max think of the prospect of blasting through Zandvoort's dunes next year?

"The track itself is very challenging and there are not many run-off areas," he noted

"It’s amazing that the track will come back on the F1 calendar next year and you will see a lot of orange in the dunes."